Luminous and Natural: The Secret of the Perfect Glow in Make-Up

Nov 15, 2023

In the vast world of make-up, there is a trend that has won the hearts of many: the luminous and natural look, also known as the "dewy look". But how do you achieve that radiant glow without looking overly shiny? Here's the answer: liquid highlighter.

The Enchantment of Liquid Highlighter:

Liquid highlighter is the secret to a glow that seems to come from within. This magical product adds a touch of natural light to strategic points of the face, creating a radiant and fresh effect that illuminates the entire look.

Where to Apply the Highlighter:

  1. Pommette: Apply a small amount of highlighter to the pommettes for a touch of brightness and a fresh look.

  2. Arch of Eyebrows: A light touch of highlighter on the arch of the eyebrows opens up the look and accentuates the natural shape of the eyebrows.

  3. Center of Forehead and Nose: Add a thin strip of highlighter to the center of the forehead and along the bridge of the nose to create a three-dimensional effect.

  4. Eyebrow Arch and Inner Corner of the Eye: A point of light at the eyebrow arch and the inner corner of the eye works wonders for a more open and bright look.

How to Apply Liquid Highlighter:

  1. Hydrated Base: Start with a hydrated base to ensure the highlighter blends well into the skin.

  2. Adequate Quantity: A small amount of product is sufficient to obtain a subtle but effective effect.

  3. Stippling or Fingers: You can apply the highlighter with a stippling brush for a targeted distribution or, if you prefer, with your fingers for a more natural touch.

  4. Gradual Layering: If you want a more intense effect, you can layer the highlighter gradually, making sure to blend it well between each layer.

Why We Love Liquid Highlighter:

  1. Naturalness: The liquid highlighter offers a glow that looks natural, without the powdery effect that some powder highlighters can give.

  2. Versatility: Can be mixed with foundation for a diffused glow or applied specifically to highlight focal points.

  3. Hydrated Skin: Many formulas contain hydrating ingredients, helping to keep skin fresh and hydrated.

Bottom line, if you're looking to achieve that radiant, fresh look that looks like you just stepped off the runway, look no further than liquid highlighter. Add it to your make-up routine for a touch of light that will make your beauty shine naturally.

Luminosa e Naturale: Il Segreto del Glow Perfetto nel Make-Up