Perfect Smoky Eyes: Eye Makeup that Enhances

Nov 15, 2023

The eyes are the window to the soul, and nothing highlights them like a well-crafted smoky eye. Today we will explore an eye makeup that is timeless and always charming: smoky eyes.

Step 1: A Solid Base

Before starting to blend the shadows, it is essential to apply an eye base. This can be a primer specifically for eyes or simply a bit of concealer set with a light powder. A base will help the shadows stick better and last longer.

Step 2: Choose the Right Shades

The key to perfect smoky eyes is the choice of shades. While black is the classic color for smoky eyes, don't be afraid to experiment with greys, browns or even colorful shades for a bolder touch. Make sure you have at least three different shades: a light one for the area under the eyebrow arch, a medium one for the eyelid and a dark one for the crease of the eye.

Step 3: The Sfumato Technique

Shaded is the key to smoky eyes. Start by applying the lightest shade under your brow bone and on the inside of your eye. Then, apply the medium shade to the lid and gently blend upwards. Finally, apply the darkest shade in the crease of the eye, working outwards to create a depth effect.

Step 4: Dramatic Eyeliner and Mascara

A smoky eye isn't complete without bold eyeliner. Choose between a classic black eyeliner or dare with a more intense shade, such as blue or purple. Apply a line along the upper and lower lash lines to frame the eyes boldly. Complete the look with plenty of mascara for a dramatic finishing touch.

Step 5: Cleaning and Fixing

The smoky eyes can get a little dirty during application. Use a cotton ball soaked in makeup remover to correct any mistakes and clean the contours. Make sure the eyes are balanced, adjusting the symmetry if necessary.

Conclusions: Simple Elegance in Eccentricity

Smoky eyes are a makeup technique that is suitable for any occasion, from a glamorous evening to a more casual day. Play with shades and shape to find the look that best suits your personality and your occasion. With a little practice and the right combination of shadows, you will be ready to show off perfect smoky eyes that will catch everyone's eyes.

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