The Secret of Perfect Make-Up Revealed: The Art of Primer

Nov 15, 2023

The world of make-up is a fascinating and constantly evolving universe, where every detail counts to create an impeccable look. Among foundations, eye shadows and lipsticks, there is an often overlooked but fundamental element for obtaining long-lasting and flawless make-up: the primer. Today we will explore this little ally that can make a significant difference in your beauty ritual.

What is Primer and why is it so Important?

Primer is an often overlooked beauty product, but one that can do wonders for the durability and look of your makeup. It is a light base, usually applied before foundation, which creates an even surface on the skin. Its main job is to prepare the skin for other products, making the makeup adhere better and last longer.

The Advantages of the Primer:

  1. Pore ​​Reduction and Fine Lines: The primer creates a smooth surface, reducing the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines. This allows the foundation to glide smoothly onto the skin, creating a more even finish.

  2. Better Makeup Adhesion: By applying primer, you create an adhesive base for other products. The eyeshadow will be more pigmented, the foundation will adhere better and the lipstick will keep its shine for longer.

  3. Oil Control: If you have oily skin, primer can help control sebum production, keeping your makeup fresh and matte all day.

  4. Hydration: There are primers formulated to hydrate the skin, ensuring that your makeup not only lasts, but that your skin stays hydrated and healthy.

How to Apply Primer:

  1. Cleansing Skin: Start with clean, hydrated skin. Primer works best on a well-cured base.

  2. Adequate Quantity: A small amount is sufficient. A small amount of product is often more than necessary to cover the entire face.

  3. Stippling or Even Application: You can apply the primer with a stippling brush for a targeted application or use your fingers for an even application. Make sure you distribute the product evenly.

  4. Waiting Time: After application, let the primer dry for a few minutes before proceeding with the rest of your make-up.


Primer may seem like an extra step in your beauty routine, but once you try it, it'll be hard to go back. Investing a few extra minutes in preparing your skin will ensure that your make-up not only stays intact for longer, but that it shines with a luminosity and perfection that will make everyone's heads turn. So, the next time you sit at your makeup table, don't forget to give this little beauty wizard a try: primer.

Svelato il Segreto del Make-Up Perfetto: L'Arte del Primer